Leading Hand Clinic in Amsterdam

This specialist hand and wrist clinic was founded in 2007 in Amsterdam, with one of the founders being the only professor in hand surgery in the Netherlands.

It is the first private clinic in the Netherlands that treats hand and wrist problems exclusively and has a staff consisting of well known hand surgeons and therapists who each year treat almost 3.000 new patients with hand and wrist problems.

As one might expect from a private clinic, their mission is to offer patients the safest, most effective surgical treatments and to achieve the best possible outcome.

Patient satisfaction rating is constantly very high with an independent company performing an annual survey amongst their patients giving excellent results, with an average score of 9 out of 10 points from the outset in 2007.

The majority of operations are performed under local or regional anesthesia in the clinic whilst the few operations that require general anesthesia are performed in an affiliated facility. Full and safe aftercare is guaranteed 24/7 and if necessary, in co-operation with a University Hospital in close proximity. On site there are ultrasound and X-ray diagnostic facilities whilst direct access to important diagnostic facilities such as MRI, CT and EMG are also available.
The clinic is a member of ZKN, a national society for private clinics that has the highest ethics and strict rules for membership with annual audits.

Core medical competencies

The specialty of this clinic is hand, wrist and nerve surgery. Besides treating huge numbers of standard hand problems such as Dupuytren’s disease, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, triggerfingers, etc. they are regarded as a last resort facility in the Netherlands for more difficult hand problems.

More than 15% of patients are referred by other consultant hand surgeons. The clinic works with top teams and athletes to help recover from injury and return to peak performance as soon as possible.